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Watch Videos Of People On Salvia

Ever wounder what other people look like when they smoke salvia? Well I looked around the internet and found the funnyest videos of people on Salvia Divinorum Extracts.

What are the effects of Salvia Divinorum?

What exactly is Salvia Divinorum?

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The first video below is the most popular salvia video, basically its just a chick that laughs a lot :)

This video is a hilarious video of someone that is trying to garden on salvia. He didn't get much done.

This is basically what happen to me my first time. When I first smoked I didn't know what happen, for 3-4 minutes I didn't not know what was happening and I even forgot who my roommates where. The feeling was amazing and hard to explain, you definitely need to try it for yourself. - admin

This is another hilarious of the same guy that did the gardening video, This time he tries to write a letter to a congressmen. Pretty funny video!

Buy 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x Salvia Divinorum Extracts