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A lot of our customers like to order herbal smoking blends along with there salvia purchases online. Below are our top 3 selling smoking blends that we sell.

Popular Herbal Incenses For Sale
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"Zero Chem 3G" Herbal Incense
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"Bali 2G" Herbal Incense
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"ERB 1.5G" Herbal Incense
1 Packet (1.5 Gram)

What is Salvia Divinorum?

In its natural state, salvia divinorum is a leafy plant that is crushed up used to create a relaxing blend that is felt instantly. In fact, Salvia is the most popular smoking blend on the market. An increasing number of people now buy salvia than any other smoking blends because of its psycho active effects. Salvia Divinorum is one of the most widely consumed legal smoking blends on the market.

This small leafy plant actually originated from Oaxaca, Mexico and was used by Mazatec shamans during divination and spiritual healing. What was a powerful product back then is still just as strong and effective today. Because this product offers great effects on the body, you can find Salvia for sale in many parts of the world today.

How Is Salvia Made?

You can purchase salvia in different concentration levels. The higher the concentration level, the stronger or more potent the blend is. Our Salvia for sale is made by extracting salvia leaves to create a blend. There are two main types of extracts and these are the Crude Extract Salvia and Standardized Extract. Here at Salvia Hut, we only offer Standardized Salvia Extracts because it is a higher quality product.

What Are Salvia Extracts?

To make a single package of standardized salvia extract, the active ingredient that is found in Salvia leaves is taken. This active ingredient is called Salvinorin A and it is what allows users to experience the effects. In basic terms, pure Salvinorin A is taken in a specific amount and added back onto crushed salvia leaves. This helps create a consistent level of strength and removes all impurities, such as tar and carbon monoxide.

How to Use Salvia Divinorum?

We suggest only one way to try salvia: glass water pipes. Any other method of using salvia will not get you the full effect. Sure you can use a pipe or vaporizer, but using glass water pipes is the best way to use salvia.

What Are The Effects of Salvia?

How Salvia effects the body is different for every person. The concentration level of the blend, the method of ingestion and how much of the product is used all have an impact on how the effects you experience. The general rule of thumb is to start of low and to use Salvia in the company of others.

Your experience with Salvia can last anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes, salvia will never last longer than 10 minutes. The range of effects starts off mild and can become pretty strong depening on how much you use and what extract the salvia is. Salvia is a great product to experiment with as it has some of the most interesting effects on the body. To find out more detailed information about the effects, visit our effect of salvia page.

Where To Buy Salvia?

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