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Welcome to Salvia Hut! We specialize in selling America’s #1 Salvia For Sale. We have been in business since 2009 and have shipped over 13,000+ orders worldwide!, making us one of the largest salvia online retailer in the world!

You can buy salvia in various concentrations including 10x Salvia, 20x salvia, 40x salvia, and 60x salvia. On top of that, we carry the latest and greatest smoking blends for sale.

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Get the facts about salvia before you buy, read our salvia articles: “What is salvia?“, “How to safely use salvia“, “The effects of using salvia“, “How we harvest salvia

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Our 3 Promises

We have sent 13,000+ orders world wide!

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Our salvia for sale is a mixture of crushed salvia leaves and an extracted salvia mix together. We have 10x salvia, 20x salvia, 40x salvia, and 60x salvia for sale.

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We started Salviahut.com back in 2009 after realizing that most of America’s salvia retailers were un-reliable and un-trustworthy. Since 2009, SalviaHut.Com has grown yearly and as of today we have shipped more than 13,000+ orders worldwide. We are known worldwide for the industry’s’ best 100% full refund guarantee including shipping. If you do not like our products for whatever reason, simply send the products back to us and we will send you a full refund.

We also have incredible customer support, you can call, email, or Facebook message us 7 days a week, 24/7. We have stealth shipping and discrete billing on all orders.

Why are you the best place to buy salvia online?? If you are looking to buy salvia online, then you are at the right place! With our awesome customer support, best salvia prices, competitor price match guarantee, our amazing history, and extremely fast shipping, we are America’s #1 salvia online retailer. We hope you enjoy your salvia purchase, if you need to get a hold of us feel free to email us at support@bulkblends.com or message us on Facebook.

Salvia Learning Center:

What is Salvia?

Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a natural plant in the mint family native to modern-day southern Mexico. It can be used to produce incredible body and mind experiences.

This small leafy plant originated in Oaxaca, Mexico and was used by Mazatec shamans during divination and spiritual healing rituals. Because salvia offers such great effects on the body and mind, you can find Salvia for sale in many parts of the world today.

The Salvia plant

The salvia plant in its natural state.

How Is Salvia Used?

The Mazatec shamans traditionally used salvia by chewing the plants “fresh” leaves, or making tea with “fresh” salvia plant leaves. You can also use salvia by chopping dried salvia leaves and rolling the mixture up in a joint, pipe, or water pipe.

We sell salvia as a dried plant leaf mixture with standardize salvia extracts blended into the mixture. Since we standardize our salvia mixtures, you can choose the level that salvia effects your mind and body. The lowest salvia extract mixture we sell is 10x salvia, the highest salvia mixture that we sell is 60x salvia. Most people either try 20x salvia or 40x salvia since they produce a more medium effect.

You “can” use salvia with a normal joint or pipe. However, we highly suggest that you use salvia with a water pipe and disposable lighter (no matches), and hold your breath for a few seconds after using salvia to receive the full effect.


This is what our salvia extract mixture looks like when you receive it.

How Does Salvia Effect Your Body And Mind?

After using salvia, you will feel a very short but intense body and mind feeling.

The salvia effect itself is short lived, usually lasting between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Most people usually try salvia just a few times in their lifetime. Salvia is not addictive at all, and a lot of people prefer using salvia over LSD/acid.

The active ingredient in salvia, salvinorin A, targets nerve cells called kappa opioid receptors.

What Others Say About Salvia Effects:

One recent salvia effects study stated: “They include psychedelic-like changes in visual perception, mood and body sensations, emotional swings, feelings of detachment, and a highly modified perception of external reality and the self” – Source

Another study states: “such as sensations of traveling through time and space, of floating or flying; sensations of twisting and spinning, heaviness or lightness of the body, and “soreness.”” – Source

Where To Buy Salvia?

SalviaHut.Com is the leading provider of salvia and legal smoking blends in the industry. We are committed to offering you the best smoking products that money can buy. All our smoking blends are 100% legal and contain 0 added chemicals.

Free Shipping: We offer free shipping on all orders above $59.95 as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Inexpensive and Quality Smoking Blends: At Salvia Hut, we only want to offer you high quality blends at great prices. We know how important it is to have an effective smoking blend at a price you can afford.

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Reliable and Quality Service: We are a safe and reliable place to purchase top quality smoking blends. We are located in the United States in the state of Idaho. We are here to answer your questions and offer all the information you need to purchase herbal smoking blends.

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